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Phenix Feather Spinning Rod

The Feather series is the newest in the Phenix bass series of rods. The new Feather series promises to be one of the lightest, most sensitive rods the fishing industry...
$159.00 - $189.00

Slayer Propel Max 10 Bow Bucket

Replacement bow bucket for the Slayer Propel Max 10.
Sold Out

Yamamoto Zako

All-new 3” Zako is in response to demand from our pros and our customers. As many anglers start utilizing smaller bladed jigs, they asked us to make their favorite trailer...
$5.99 - $6.99

Yamamoto Psycho Dad

Things get crazy when the Psycho Dad comes out. Featuring a built-in rattle chamber and large claws that act like swimbait tails, the Psycho Dad is the center of attention...

Yamamoto Fat Baby Craw

The Fat Baby Craw is a phenomenal finesse trailer. Its round design keeps it from sticking to cover while the bulk of the plastic ensures that it stays on the...

Yamamoto Yamatanuki Stick Bait

Hot on the heels of one of the most popular baits of 2023 comes the all-new Yamatanuki 2.5” from Yamamoto Baits. Much like its 3.5” big brother, the 2.5” Yamatanuki...

Phenix M1 Spinning Rod

The newly revamped M1 bass rods feature an upgraded blank utilizing 36Ton Toray Carbon Fiber With a K-Woven scrim, with Phenix Proprietary Nanolite resins to make it lighter, stronger, and...
$185.00 - $190.00

Phenix M1 Swimbait Casting Rod

Confidence in Performance – The next generation of your fishing arsenal! An uncompromised engineering concept, the M1 rod series is the newest and most advanced fishing rod for bass and...

Phenix M1 Casting Rod

The New M1 Bass Rods feature a Vortex Construction one piece blank for increased sensitivity. The M1 utilizes a custom carbon fiber reel seat, Essex SiC guides, clip style hook...
$180.00 - $185.00

Phenix Feather Casting Rod

The Feather series is the newest in the Phenix bass series of rods. The new Feather series promises to be one of the lightest, most sensitive rods the fishing industry...
$159.00 - $189.00

Bill Lewis Original RAT-L-TRAP Lipless Crankbait

Many will argue that the Rat-L-Trap is one of the best lures ever made. In fact, Outdoor Life magazine referred to Rattle Trap as the “Most Influential Fishing Lure” of...

Bucca Baby Bull Gill Swimbait

Triton Mike Bucca has created one of the most revered swimbait lineups in the U.S. market. Catch Co. and Triton Mike worked to bring modified versions of his revolutionary swimbaits...

Bucca Baby Bull Shad Swimbait

Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Shad is a fresh, downsized ABS plastic version of Mike's legendary resin poured bait. All the fish-catching characteristics of the classic Bull Shad are packed into...

Yamamoto Speed Senko

The all-new Speed Senko is sure to be your new favorite worm for covering water. Designed at the request of our pros, the Speed Senko is the ultimate worm for...

Yamamoto 5" Senko

The Senko is a staple in the fishing world. The original soft-plastic stickbait comes in sizes ranging from 3 inches up to 7, and it has become the #1 choice...

Neutron Packraft

No Description
Sold Out

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