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Berkley Brand Profile:

In the domain of terminal tackle, baits and lures, rod and reel combos, and high-performance fishing line, Berkley is known as the world’s leading fishing gear company. By committing significant resources to research and development — a continuing strategy that has resulted in countless product innovations, including Berkley Trilene, the Lightning Rod, PowerBait, FireLine, and more recently Gulp!? and Gulp! Alive, anglers everywhere can leverage their use of science to achieve the most important goal there is — to catch more fish. Berkley shares anglers’ commitment to the sport, and by offering the broadest array of innovative solutions developed by committed anglers, their products fuel your passion for fishing. Shop their newest innovations, including the Berkley Slobberknocker, a scientifically superior bladed jig tuned to the frequency that attracts bass, particularly when paired with unmatched Powerbait® Flavor. Berkley saltwater hard baits survive the salt, and power bait jigs outfish all other jigs. Experience the fish-catching prowess Stunna with its sharp, side-to-side darting action, realistic baitfish shimmy, bewitching side flash, and optimized center of gravity for ultimate castability — it’s peak fishing technology. Need a topwater lure that loves the chop? Discover the Berkley Choppo, a lure designed to deliver explosive top water action. It’s all here for the taking. Berkley has done the science – now you catch the fish.

Berkley - Choppo

No Description

Berkley PowerBait® The Champ Craw

Designed by two time Bassmaster Classic® winner Jordan Lee, the Berkley® PowerBait® The Champ Craw features a lifelike profile and high-definition colors that mimic real bait. Its large claws float...

Berkley Vanish Fluoro

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$14.99 - $16.99

Berkley - J-Walker

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Berkley Frittside™ Crankbait

Another take on a classic bait design with legendary crankbait angler and designer David Fritts. The Berkley® Frittside crankbait features the same proven action that won David Fritts the Bassmaster...

Berkley Gulp!® Saltwater Peeler Crab

The extreme scent dispersion of Gulp! expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish! Berkley Gulp! truly is the next generation in soft bait! Prop 65 Rig as...

Berkley PowerBait® PowerStinger

Purposefully built for bladed jigs, the Berkley Power Stinger introduces a new honeycomb molding technology to PowerBait. Designed with both profile and action in mind, the Power Stinger’s dense head...

Berkley Gulp!® Saltwater Swimming Mullet

The extreme scent dispersion of Gulp! expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish! Berkley Gulp! truly is the next generation in soft bait! Realistic head and body...
$7.99 - $8.99

Berkley Gulp!® Saltwater Jerk Shad

The extreme scent dispersion of Gulp! expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish! Berkley Gulp! truly is the next generation in soft bait! Erratic darting motion imitates...

Berkley - Power Blade Compact Spinnerbait

Designed with professional angler and expert spinnerbait fisherman Edwin Evers, the Berkley Power Blade breathes modern design and execution into an old school technique. Utilizing a smaller profile and built...

Berkley PowerBait® Gilly

The PowerBait® Gilly is Pro Designed by Bassmaster Classic® Champion Mike “IKE” Iaconelli. Japanese influenced design provides an unbelievably natural presentation in shape, color, and action. The hollow head allows...

Berkley Trilene XL Mono

No Description
$8.99 - $9.99

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