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Yak Power Brand Profile:

YakPower® Lights Up Your Kayaking Adventure

Control the current with YakPower® plug-and-play power systems and have more time for fishing when you’re out on the water. Pro or enthusiast, if you live for kayak fishing, YakPower® power systems let you control your suite of 12-volt accessories, charge devices, and lighting systems. Anglers rely on the YakPower® line of power solutions to ensure their kayak electronics are effortless to connect and work easily in conjunction with accessories. Get to your kayak fishing adventure in a flash without cutting and splicing to achieve seamless kayak power and lighting systems. Heavy duty, waterproof, and unsurpassed in ease of integration and assembly, award-winning YakPower® products lead the way in easy-to-use options for powering lights, fish finders, trolling motors, LEDs, and cell phones. Seeking plug-and-play products that are easily accessible trip after trip? Take YakPower® with you to illuminate your journey and capture the action along the way. When you control the current, you shed new light on unique possibilities for your kayak fishing adventure.

Yak-Power Power Plug SAE Connector w/ 4" Pig Tail

SUMMARY Easily plug your 12-volt accessory into any Power Port  Comes with the butt connectors and heat shrink tubing you need for a secure, weather-resistant connection  Compatible with: Power Ports...
Sold Out

Yak-Power Battery Terminal Connector with SAE to Spade Pigtail

SUMMARY Allows you to plug the Power Panel Switching System, a Power Port or your 12-volt accessory with a Power Plug directly to a 12-volt battery  Plug-and-play SAE connector to...
$12.99 - $14.99

Bright LED Button Light Kit

SUMMARY Easily add LEDs to your kayak with our patent-pending through hull 12-volt connectors and plug-and-play wiring  Super Bright LEDs  12ft. jacketed cable with waterproof connector  Anodized aluminum, self-tapping, self-sealing...

Yak Power Wireless 5 Circuit Digital Switcher with Integrated Bluetooth

SUMMARY Integrated RF/Bluetooth Control Last Mode Memory: The system remembers which circuits were ON when Master Power is used to turn the entire system OFF. Then when the system is turned...

Panel Mount with SAE

SUMMARY The Power Port allows you to quickly and easily add a 12-volt power outlet to your kayak Plug-and-play SAE connector allows for direct connection to the Power Panel Switching...
$14.99 - $19.99

Yak-Power 6ft Control Cable Extension

SUMMARY Extend the control cable of the Power Panel Switching System and locate your controller up to 6ft. further from the switch box  6ft. cable  Plug-and-play connectivity  Waterproof connectors  Compatible...
Sold Out

Yak Power SERIOUS Complete System Bundle

SUMMARY Complete plug-and-play wiring solution for adding and controlling 12-volt electronics on your kayak  Patent-pending Power Panel electronic control system  Includes: (1) YP-RP5R Power Panel Switching System, (1) YP-PMC48S Power...
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Yak Power Wireless 8 Circuit Digital Switcher with Integrated Bluetooth

SUMMARY Integrated RF/Bluetooth Control Illuminated “Fail Safe” buttons for each circuit. For potential diagnostics purposes the buttons on the digital switch box will illuminate when the respective circuit is ON/Energized. Last...
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Complete LED light Kit

SUMMARY Easily add LED lights to your kayak  Completely encapsulated, compression molded, silicone encased LED light strips with Super Bright LEDs Patent-pending, stainless steel, self-sealing, waterproof through hull connectors  No...

2pc LED light Kit

SUMMARY Easily add LED lights to your kayak  Completely encapsulated, compression molded, silicone encased LED light strips with Super Bright LEDs  Patent-pending, stainless steel, self-sealing, waterproof through hull connectors  No...
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Yak-Power Power Adapter Kit

SUMMARY Power adapter kit  Use only when using the Power Pack Battery Box atop a kayak to reverse power through a Power Port to a Power Panel Switching System stowed...

Yak-Power LED Back Lighted Waterproof Inline 12v Switch (16A)

SUMMARY Easily turn the power on or off to any 12-volt accessory  Waterproof 16A switch with red LED backlight indicator  Plug-and-play SAE connectors  No cutting or splicing required  Mounting bracket...

Yak-Power SAE to USB Charging Dongle

SUMMARY Waterproof fully encapsulated design. Custom Yak Power keychain float Floats (with keychain float) Integrated SAE to USB 3 Amp charger Yak Power Plug-and-Play connector DETAIL Keep your mobile device,...

Yak-Power Power Pack Battery Box w/ Integrated USB Charging

SUMMARY Compact and waterproof design with configurable foam inserts  Holds up to three (3) 7AH or two (2) 12AH batteries (not included)  1A smart trickle battery charger included  Master power...
Sold Out

Yak-Power USB Spot and Safety Light

SUMMARY Includes YP-USB2 SAE to USB dongle with keychain float Quick disconnect action camera style mounting system Includes t-nut for standard accessory rail mounting Selectable light modes (dim, bright, SOS...

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