“Good Job”

A friendly tip to all the restaurant workers out there: do not congratulate me on my ability to eat your restaurant’s food.

This is a rare occurrence, thankfully, but it’s still a pet peeve of mine.  I’m a fast and thorough eater, and once in a while a waiter while make some “clever” off-handed comment about how I cleaned the plate.  “Good job”, or “you must have enjoyed that” or something similar.

My reaction to these kinds of comments is not to flush with pride; I am not a four-year-old beaming at his parents’ attention.  No, I’m an adult who is now embarrassed by your comment.  Yes, literally embarrassed to have enjoyed your restaurant’s food.  Should I have eaten less?  Left a token half-potato for the kitchen staff to marvel at?

Do your customers usually leave their plates half full?

Best food review ever

Kate and I had a lovely dinner out at the Verve Wine Bar last Thursday.  We had a flight of dessert wines to cap the evening which included a 1971 Pedro Ximenez Madeira.  It’s pretty thick and sweet, and my response:

“It’s like drinking a carebear!”

The waiter was only slightly amused.  We’d had a lot to drink.  🙂