Steve’s Amazing Bike Trip

In the summer of 1996 I quit my job, cashed in my retirement savings, and hung everything I thought I might need onto the frame of a mountain bike.  I rode away from my parents’ house in Richmond, BC, Canada, and headed south towards San Francisco in search of … something.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Richmond, BC to Seattle, WA
  • Chapter 2: Seattle to Bay Center, WA
  • Chapter 3: Bay Center to Vancouver, WA
  • Chapter 4: Vancouver to Cape Lookout State Park, OR
  • Chapter 5: Cape Lookout to Humbug Mountain State Park, OR
  • Chapter 6: Humbug Mountain to Standish-Hickey, CA
  • Chapter 7: Standish-Hickey to San Francisco, CA
  • Chapter 8: San Francisco to Palo Alto, CA, and beyond
  • Epilogue

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