Eating, Advanced

One of the parents in our parents’ group mentioned that his child won’t eat freshly prepared squash. He’s been eating jarred baby food and the flavor in the freshly prepared stuff is too strong.

greens.jpgNot so with our precious Ruby! The only processed food she eats is Cheerios. Everything else is freshly prepared by ours truly. Her menu board is now full of all the things she’s eaten, and I feel like there’s now enough stuff on there that I can get a bit adventurous.

For example, last night we introduced Ruby to collard greens. But not just collard greens, no! Instead, I prepared an Indian-style curried green puree with real spices like mustard, coriander, fennel, ginger, and garlic. She loved it, of course!

Ruby is starting to eat more and more of the same foods as Kate and I. A few nights ago I made pozole (mexican soup with pork and hominy) and we just scooped the pork and corn out, ground it up in our little baby food grinder, and that was Ruby’s dinner. Last night it was baked chicken (with a vaguely tandoorish marinade) and curried greens. Sadly, I think sausage and anchovy pizza is still a few months away…

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