Review: Bob Revolution 2006

As a “Welcome-to-the-world” gift, my parents bought Ruby (and Kate and I) a Bob Revolution 2006 jogging stroller.  In “Mesa Orange”, thank you very much.

I use this stroller almost exclusively for jogging.  I run about 5 miles with it, several times per week.  I run on city sidewalks, a paved jogging path, and gravel paths.  The city sidewalks are quite an obstacle course: we go up and down curbs, over buckled concrete, and around lamp posts.  I run at a moderate pace, doing between eight- and nine-minute miles depending on how I’m feeling.

We picked the Bob Revolution 2006 for the following reasons:

  • it folded small enough to fit under our porch and into the trunk of our ’96 Acura Integra (without taking off any wheels)
  • the folding mechanism was really easy to use
  • the option of making the front wheel revolving meant the stroller was that much more useful.
  • Bob has a reputation for building high-quality products.

My biggest concern about this model was the small front wheel: only 12″ diameter, as opposed to 16″ or 20″ for most “real” jogging strollers.  The two back wheels on this model are 16″.  I’m happy to say that I haven’t felt that the smaller front wheel has been a problem at all, although I’ve never run with a larger-wheeled stroller so I don’t know what I might (or might not) be missing.  But to help reassure people like me who might have doubts about this thing:  I’m a real runner, and I’m happy running with the smaller front wheel.

Although Bob recommends waiting until your child is six months old before jogging with them, I’ve been jogging with Ruby in this stroller since she was about 7 weeks old — probably about 10 pounds in weight.  We removed the stiff padded back board so that the seat hung back further and cradled her so she wouldn’t fall to the side.  She loves riding in this stroller and usually falls asleep as soon as we start running.  Ruby is, of course, an exceptionally gifted child and your mileage may vary.

The ability to adjust the tracking on the front wheel is nice, although I never get it quite right (and Kate tends to adjust differently than I do).

With the wheel in “swivel” mode, the stroller is highly maneuverable.  Kate and I generally carry our baby whenever we’re out in public, so I don’t have much experience using the stroller in swivel mode, but it seems work pretty well to me.

Overall, I give this stroller a big thumbs-up.

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  1. I should add that our parents (both sides) prefer this stroller when they take Ruby for walks.

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  3. Hi, I am considering this stroller, but then I read from other sites or the Bob site itself that this revolution stroller is not really for running. So, I would like to ask if you manage to try out stroller of 16 inch wheel for running and see any difference? Will it be too bumpy for the baby if you run for like say 45 minutes?
    I really like stroller but I wonder if it is ok if I use this stroller for a 10k run or something? I dont feel like getting a 16inch fix wheel because it can be hard to manuvear for normal use…
    I hope you could provide me some advice, thankyou!

  4. Steven,

    Sorry to take so long to get back to you — your comment got lost in the spam. Anyway, I have no reservations recommending this stroller for jogging. My runs generally last about 30-40 minutes, but I’ve certainly had Ruby in there for longer runs of up to an hour with no complaints from down below.

    Bumpiness is not an issue at all, but I generally run on a paved trail around a lake. If you’re on gravel or some kind of uneven surface, then having a larger front wheel will definitely smooth out the ride.